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Performance Racing Tactics
by Bill GladstoneThe most complete book on modern racing tactics, Performance Racing Tactics takes you all the way around the course.

The seventh edition covers tactics, rules, weather, and strategy in 180 information-packed pages. The fast moving, easy to follow format is accessible to all readers. Rules are covered the way you use them – (ie upwind rules as part of upwind tactics). The content offers complete information for neophytes and insights which grab the attention of the saltiest dog. Quizzes and skill building sections show how to develop a race winning approach.

An essential part of any racing sailors library.
A great gift – order copies for your crew!

Tactics Course Topics:
Section 1: Starting Strategy, Tactics, and Rules

  • Intro: Strategy & Tactics
  • Get Ready to Race
  • Starting Strategy</strong
  • Where to Start
  • Approaches
  • Starting Tactics
  • Time/ Speed/ Distance
  • Positioning for Speed and Control
  • Common Pitfalls
  • Starting Rules

Section 2: Upwind Strategy & Tactics

  • Upwind Strategy
  • Wind, Wind Shifts, and Current
  • Find More Wind
  • Wind Shifts
  • Wind Shifts: None, One, Many
  • Wind Shifts: Find the Shifts
  • Current
  • Current: Uniform, Variable
  • Upwind Tactics
  • Upwind Tactics & Strategy
  • Impacts of Shifts
  • Positioning for Shifts
  • Catching Up
  • Staying Ahead
  • Lead to the Shift
  • Lead to the Middle
  • Attack! Defend!

Section 3: Downwind Strategy & Tactics & Mark Rounding
Reaching Strategy & Tactics

  • Wind
  • Wind Shifts
  • Current
  • Its Just Tactics
  • Tight vs Broad
  • Outside vs Inside Reaches
  • Defend Your Air
  • Rule of Halves
  • Passing Lane?
  • Get Passed Lane?
  • Defend the Inside
  • The End Run
  • Reach or Run?

Running Strategy & Tactics

  • Wind, Wind, Wind Shifts
  • Find More Wind
  • Wind Shifts
  • Jibe on the Lifts
  • Find the Shifts
  • Current
  • Lead to the wind
  • Lead to the middle
  • Attack! Defend!

Mark Roundings, Finishing

  • Mark Room Rules
  • Leeward Marks & Gates
  • Finishing Upwind
  • Finishing Downwind
  • Conclusion: Priorities in a complex endeavor