101 Basic Keelboat Sailing Reference Cards

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This shrink-wrapped set of ten laminated instructor cards is just the thing to assist your teaching at dockside and underway. A beautiful re-imagining of Peter Bull’s illustrations from the ASA 101 textbook, Sailing Made Easy, each card is 8.5" x 11", laminated, double-sided, and 3-hole punched with over fifty illustrations big enough to see across a cockpit. Shuffle them into any order you like. The back of the last page has been intentionally left blank so that it can be used as a small white board.

They are the perfect teaching aid – compact, portable, and waterproof. Get your own set of these valuable cards today!

The topics of all ten 8.5" x 11" ASA 101 Keelboat Sailing Reference Cards are listed below.

  • Cover outside - displays ASA logo and contact information
  • Cover inside - displays pathway progression through the entire student course curriculum
  • Sailboat: Anatomy - identifies all areas and items of a sailboat except for the rigging
  • Sailboat: Rigging - separates out and identifies only the standing and running rigging
  • Sailboat: The Sails - identifies the corners, edges, and adjustments of a mainsail and jib
  • Sailboat: Orientation - orients students when they step aboard a boat and with its outboard engine
  • Sailboat: The Wind - introduces the classic wind diagram with side-by-side points of sail and reaches
  • Sailboat: Steering - lists the steps to come about and jibe with pictures of each as a sail circle
  • Sailboat: Knots - shows a figure-8 knot, reef knot, and bowline knot
  • Sailboat: Hitches - shows a cleat hitch, rolling hitch, round turn and 2 half hitches, and clove hitch
  • Sailboat: Crew Overboard - spells out the figure-8 COB and the BRCR methods of recovery
  • Sailboat: Safety Equipment - displays some of the federally required safety equipment
  • Sailboat: Rules of the Road - illustrates encounters with other boats and how to avoid collisions
  • Sailboat: Aids to Navigation - displays buoys and day marks and how to regard them in a channel
  • Sailboat: Docking and Mooring - explains step-by-step how to dock and moor a boat
  • Sailboat: Not Underway - shows the necessary lines to tie a boat at a pier and how to anchor
  • Sailboat: Lines - displays different line coiling techniques
  • Sailboat: Sail Flaking - shows the proper steps to flaking a mainsail and folding a jib
  • Sailboat: Concepts - presents the vector angles of apparent wind, running, steaming, and anchor lights
  • Sailboat: White Board - provides a white board to use with water-soluble markers



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    Great to Have On The Boat

    Posted by Brad Howell on 18th Oct 2022

    These are great to have on the boat when you've got newbies aboard. They accompany my instructions perfectly and hopefully make them enjoy the experience more and feel more involved and less stressed.