101 Basic Keelboat Sailing Reference Cards

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This shrink-wrapped set of ten laminated instructor cards is just the thing to assist your teaching at dockside and underway. A beautiful re-imagining of Peter Bull’s illustrations from the ASA 101 textbook, Sailing Made Easy, each card is 8.5" x 11", laminated, double-sided, and 3-hole punched with over fifty illustrations big enough to see across a cockpit. Shuffle them into any order you like. The back of the last page has been intentionally left blank so that it can be used as a small white board.

They are the perfect teaching aid – compact, portable, and waterproof. Get your own set of these valuable cards today!

The topics of all ten 8.5" x 11" ASA 101 Keelboat Sailing Reference Cards are listed below.

  • Cover outside - displays ASA logo and contact information
  • Cover inside - displays pathway progression through the entire student course curriculum
  • Sailboat: Anatomy - identifies all areas and items of a sailboat except for the rigging
  • Sailboat: Rigging - separates out and identifies only the standing and running rigging
  • Sailboat: The Sails - identifies the corners, edges, and adjustments of a mainsail and jib
  • Sailboat: Orientation - orients students when they step aboard a boat and with its outboard engine
  • Sailboat: The Wind - introduces the classic wind diagram with side-by-side points of sail and reaches
  • Sailboat: Steering - lists the steps to come about and jibe with pictures of each as a sail circle
  • Sailboat: Knots - shows a figure-8 knot, reef knot, and bowline knot
  • Sailboat: Hitches - shows a cleat hitch, rolling hitch, round turn and 2 half hitches, and clove hitch
  • Sailboat: Crew Overboard - spells out the figure-8 COB and the BRCR methods of recovery
  • Sailboat: Safety Equipment - displays some of the federally required safety equipment
  • Sailboat: Rules of the Road - illustrates encounters with other boats and how to avoid collisions
  • Sailboat: Aids to Navigation - displays buoys and day marks and how to regard them in a channel
  • Sailboat: Docking and Mooring - explains step-by-step how to dock and moor a boat
  • Sailboat: Not Underway - shows the necessary lines to tie a boat at a pier and how to anchor
  • Sailboat: Lines - displays different line coiling techniques
  • Sailboat: Sail Flaking - shows the proper steps to flaking a mainsail and folding a jib
  • Sailboat: Concepts - presents the vector angles of apparent wind, running, steaming, and anchor lights
  • Sailboat: White Board - provides a white board to use with water-soluble markers