ASA 101 Study Cards: Basic Sailing Vocabulary & Concepts

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As you begin to learn more about sailing you will realize that you are also learning another language in the process. Everything on a boat and sailing commands have their own unique terms. Knowing your basic terminology is the first step in understanding the world of sailing. There’s always new terminology to learn, but there are a handful of terms that will give you a great foundation to make you a better and more confident sailor.
We set out to compile some of the main baseline sailing terms to better prepare you for your next sail. Whether you are getting ready for your first sail or looking to brush up on your sailing skills, these on-the-go flashcard are there to help you become a better sailor. Designed for portability, these cards come in a travel box, allowing you to take your studies to the high seas or anywhere in between.
These  flashcards contain definitions with illustrations that support commonly used terms you will learn about in ASA 101 courses in beyond. Use this as a supplement to your ASA 101 textbook and make your first sail a breeze.
Set contains 53 cards (3" x 4.5") covering parts of a sailboat and points of sail. 


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    Good study cards

    Posted by Tracee on 25th Apr 2023

    Great study flash cards to study sailing vocabulary with the ASA 101 course to get started.